• Glass Railing

    Ruby Steel glass railings allow the homeowners to enjoy the view without the sacrifice of serene scenery for safety. Ruby Steel glass railings tender modern solutions for the homeowners to enjoy a panoramic view of the outer space. know more

  • Structural Glass Railing

    Structural glass railings is an innovation which has creatively minimized the obstruction of your view to suit your home and style. Structural glass railings are stunning and creatively designed by us and are available in a wide variety of thicknesses and finishes. We pay utmost attention to safety and promise you expertised quality and customer service. All the fasteners used are of stainless steel for toughened safety and is neatly engineered to safety promising you a clean enhanced look and feel of your space. know more

  • Mural Railing

    Nothing compared to artistically crafted Mural Railings in splendid styles and shapes to transform a drab blank railing into a new crafted mural that can serve as a focal point and pull all other elements of the room together.

    Professional quality murals railings intrinsically designed by skilled artisans at Ruby Steel enhance your space at home or business and create a space which is inviting, exciting and just plain fun to live with! Your imagination is the limit – we deliver the exceptional to enhance the environment and to visually open up your space in an inexpensive way. Ask for a quote!

    Mural railings are customized as per your requirement in any size, style and colour in Steel or Aluminium. Great for lodges, restaurants and more!

  • Handrail

    Handrail designed is innovatively and strategically planned keeping in mind individual people requirements. It helps keep steady and make possible easy mobility especially on a staircase and along a handicapped access ramp. It is of maximum usage to children, elderly people, and handicapped individuals. read more

  • Bollards

    Ruby Steel’s bollard solutions are used by Architects, contractors, builders and interior designers for businesses, government properties, hospitals and institutions to effectively communicate traffic routes and protect people and property. Commonly layman recognizes bollards as the concrete-filled steel pipes that commune the traffic routes in parking lots.

    Ruby Steel offers a solution for every bollard application and bollards by Ruby Steel today have evolved to serve a vast array of additional functions and are used for decorative perimeter highlighting and landscaping applications. Available by Ruby Steel in styles ranging from traditional to industrial, bollards act as visual cues and are commonly seen in parking lots, parking garages and at the approach to toll booths. Moreover bollards protect pedestrians and property from errant vehicles from entering restricted areas while increasing safety and adding to the architecture ambience.

  • Staircase Railing

    Staircase railings by Ruby Steel are not just a safety feature but serve more than a functional purpose. Staircase railings are a nice inexpensive way to decorate your hallway and bring in a sense of style to your space.

    Ruby Steel is well equipped with Staircase railing designs in steel to suit your decor- contemporary, traditional or ultra modern. We can provide you with stair railing combinations to suit your wall scheme and textures. Find ideas for the perfect railing for your stairway.