Handrail designed is innovatively and strategically planned keeping in mind individual people requirements. It helps keep steady and make possible easy mobility especially on a staircase and along a handicapped access ramp. It is of maximum usage to children, elderly people, and handicapped individuals.

Purpose of Handrails
  • Offers support to individuals ascending or descending stairs or an incline to avoid injury.
  • Acts as a mobility aid for injured and the handicapped.

Handrails are objects that people commonly come upon and use without much cognitive thought. For convenience of all there is a wide variety of designs available in ample range of materials, such as steel, wood, and plastic. The model of handrail is to be perfectly blended to match the style quotient of the other interior design aspects of the place.

Ruby steel follows all aspects of handrails designs subject to regulatory codes and dimension guidelines. We follow all the regulatory issues concerning the height at which it is placed to facilitate usage for convenience of primary users.

Handrails installed by us are sturdy and secure, mounted as per the safety regulations. We offer many types of handrails as a noteworthy number of residential and commercial builds use handrails as a striking feature of their construction and interior design.

We offer you guidance and help you select handrails best suited for interior and exterior decoration as well as architectural beauty of the place.

Handrail with LED

Handrails with LED lightning from Ruby Steel deliver functional excellence and are used for many different building components in new and unusual ways. Ruby Steel by embracing the new technology of artificial illumination has entered the market and is providing energy efficiency in the market at low maintenance. Illuminative hand railings architecturally integrated in compact fittings promise calibre and expertise, specifying an extremely stylish illumination solution in RGB colours with special effects and photometric performance.

Embrace the new technology available for superior and external use!!